1. What is it for?

The ecobooster replaces the conventional fuel nozzle of a carburetor to improve its general performance.    It goes farther, stronger and cleaner.

Instead of spraying uneven droplets of fuel in all directions, the ecobooster atomizes the fuel into gaseous state and directs it in same direction of airflow resulting in a consistent gas state air fuel mix.   This makes it easier for the engine to do its job.   It  responds faster, generates more power and can carry heavier loads without overheating.  The engine runs smoothly, delivers more power and has less fuel related breakdown. 

With the consistent air fuel mix, the engine can fully combust eliminating smog or carbon monoxide which is an indication of an incompleteley combusted fuel.  It also eliminates carbon build up that is later released as fumes (hydrocarbon), an air pollutant that affects lungs. What used to be wasted fuel (fumes and smog)  are fully converted into energy resulting to more mileage per liter of fuel.




2. is it universal? will it work on any motorcycle (MC) carburetor?

The ecobooster is not a one size fits all because there are different carburetor dimensions and designs.  We have an appropriate ecobooster for almost 25 brands and 125 models of motorcycle and carburetors. Below  is a list of our product.

3.  how much?

For price in your country, kindly refer to this link:  https://www.greentechecobooster.com/ecoboost-your-engine/certified-sellers

4.  how to buy?

Please click on this link for a complete information on how to buy.  https://www.greentechecobooster.com/ecoboost-your-engine

5.  is it plug and play?

Yes and no.  The ecobooster is straightforward to install.  However, you need to retune your motorcycle for optimum performance.  

Normally, it is just a matter of adjusting the air/fuel mixture screw.  However, if you have made modifications  in the engine, air filter or exhaust system, tuning might take a few trial and error to find the optimum mix.

6.  is there a reseller/qualified installer in my area?

In this link, you will find the list of certified ecoboosters in your area.  They have been vetted to resell, install, tune and activate ecobooster's ten year warranty.  


If your area is not in the list, it is possible that we have a mechanic who we have worked with who are technically capable but have not undergone certification process (ID and contact check, signed contract for service warranty and customer satisfaction).  

7.  how to install?

Here is a link to our installation guide.  

8.  how much will it economize my gasoline consumption?

This will depend on how wasteful your consumption is right now.

The ecobooster fully combusts the previously half combusted fuel (smog/carbon monoxide) and minimizes your wasted fuel - the carbon build up in the valves, pistons and fuel and exhaust lines (which are released in the form of fumes/hydrocarbons)

Users reported anywhere from 20 to 65% increase in mileage after installing the ecobooster.

Here are some user testimonials : https://www.greentechecobooster.com/techhome/testimonials

9.  do i need to retune the ecobooster after installation?

Yes.  Normally, it is just a matter of adjusting the air/fuel mixture screw.  However, if you have made modifications  in the engine, air filter or exhaust system, tuning might take a few trial and error to find the optimum mix.

10.  my ecobooster order came with washers.  what are the washers for?

The washers are for the jet needles with no slots for height adjustment. We ship them with the ecobooster as standard even if you might not use them. (It is better to have them in case)

There are occasions that even with adjustment, you will require more lift.  Chinese carburetors are notorious for not having standard parts in them. Sometimes the needle is too thick and sometimes too thin, other times, the main jet size is different etc. 

11.  will the ecobooster be harmful to my engine?

When the ecobooster is installed right and optimally tuned, it will be better for the engine.  It allows the engine consistent air fuel mix and optimal combustion thus reducing engine fatigue from different working conditions,

There will also be a major reduction of carbon build up in the valves and pistons which are the primary cause of breakdown and power decrease.

12.  can i install the ecobooster if i have an efi?

No.  The EB is a carburetor plug in.  EFI replaces the carburetor system with a complex electrical circuitry.

We had cases of motorcycle owners who changed their EFI system to carburetor type.  They had to remove a lot of components for the simpler carburetor system.  They are satisfied with results and reported lower fuel consumption.

13. my motorcycle is still under warranty.  will using the ecobooster void it?

It should not. 

The ecobooster will be installed inside the carburetor, not inside the engine. 

If in any case that something gets damaged inside the engine due to causes not related to carburation, all we need to do is return the stock nozzle of the carburetor and you can have the dealer take a look at your motorcycle for factory defects. No harm, no foul.